Kerala Traditional Ayurveda Treatments by Ayurvedic Doctors

Kerala Traditional Ayurveda Treatments:

Kerala Traditional Ayurvedic Treatments are most prominent over the globe by righteousness of its credibility and the 100% herbal based therapeutic plans. Different treatments like Traditional Ayurvedic knead, Sirodhara, Ela Kizhi, Njavara Kizhi and so forth, medicines are given by Ayurvedic Doctors at Ayunature Care Clinic. All Ayurvedic medicines are created in Kerala. These medicines are the one of a kind, true and logical pre remedial methods to perform synchronous oleation and sudation impacts. The sedated oils and other sane restorative definitions utilized as a part of these treatments were likewise been produced generally.

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Course of Panchakarma Treatments:

Ayurveda dependably endorse a course of Panchakarma Treatments by Ayurvedic Doctors with at least 7 days term and a most extreme of 28 days for the wellbeing and for the treatment of sicknesses, it might shift as per the endless way of the infections. The span of 7 days and its duplicates 7, 14, 21 and 28 are genuinely the divisions of time in accordance with the lunar cycle. The impact of the lunar cycle in the bio-cadence of the human body has likewise been taken into thought while settling the term of the course of Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatments. So also the season of organization of the restorative medicines in a day is likewise imperative.



Sirodhara” actually implies consistent stream (dhara) on the head (sira). Similarly as the root shapes the base of a plant so likewise in Ayurveda the head is viewed as the base of the body. In this manner, Sirodhara is of most extreme significance in Ayurvedic treatment by Ayurvedic Doctors. Sedated oil cured margarine drain, herbal extract and so on; is permitted to stream as a nonstop stream over the upper part of the temple alongside tender back rub over the scalp subsequently empowering the pineal organ in the cerebrum which produces serotonin and melatonin.ayurvedic-shirodhara These hormones assume an essential part in every individual’s enthusiastic adjusts. The treatment may keep going for 30-45 minutes every day for a time of 07 to 21 days. It is exceedingly successful for maladies of the sensory system and for passionate issues, for example, unending melancholy, sleep deprivation, loss of memory and nervousness (freeze) assaults. It is suggested for ceaseless migraines, and ear, nose and throat issues, and is particularly helpful for mental unwinding.



Organization of cured oil, natural juice or other sedated definitions to the nostrils after the best possible utilization of cured oil and fomentation of the face keeping the eyes shielded from the warmth applying amid fomentation. Nasyam clears amassed components in the nasal sinuses. Nasya animates neuron hormonal focuses, upgrades the capacity of eyes, nose and ears, initiates sound rest and fortifies the neck and shoulder. It is exceptionally compelling in the treatment of Sinusitis, Nasal clog, Dental Problem, Ear and Eye Disease, Facial loss of motion, Migraine and cervical degeneration provide by Ayurvedic Doctors at Ayunature care clinic.

Abyanga: is the general body rub in Ayurveda utilizing sedated oils regularly as a piece of way of life to simplicity torment and decrease liquid amassing, helping the evacuation of dangerous collection. This treatment is done regularly for 45 to an hour day by day for 07 to 21 days. It is an extremely compelling revival treatment which enhances flow, cell recovery, resistant regulation and sound rest. It is an extremely compelling treatment in rheumatic protestations, firmness of joints, spondylosis, spondylitis, back torment, sports wounds, solidified shoulders, and so on.


Utilization of cured oil in the ear cannel is powerful in the infective pathologies of the ear. Karnapooranam enhances the sound observation with clarity.

Greeva vasti/Kati vasti/Uro vasti:

Maintenance of tepid cured oils in a sealed limit made up of green gram powder glue over the upper back-cervical (Greeva vasti),in the lower back – lumber(Kati vasti) and in the upper center of the mid-section – thorax (Uro vasti) is helpful in restricted and emanating torment of various source.

ayurvedic-doctorsNetra Sekam:

Cleaning the eyes with therapeutic natural concentrate or sedated drain is helpful in every single infective state of the eyes. Netra Sekam advances the purging and therapeutic impacts and diminishes the dryness.


Thalam is a restorative system finished with home grown glue in all Ayurvedic medicines. The home grown power blended with water/crisp juice of restorative leaves/cured oil and apply over the center of bregma and lamda on the head. It has coordinate beneficial outcomes on the cerebrum and it shields the mind from over warmth and weight varieties. It advances sound rest and cooling impacts.



Nearby utilization of restorative home grown glue especially in joints is powerful in fiery pathologies. Lepam decreases torment, swelling, redness and nearby temperature.

Foot Massage:

It is finished with cured oils as a piece of way of life focusing on the weight purposes of the foot. Foot Massage invigorates the interior organs and faculties.

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